Revolvent Mission

Innovation oriented R&D company

Our mission: Deliver innovative technologies based on our own solutions, responding to the global threat of a deteriorating human environment
– Artur Poźniak / CEO

Innovative air flow reverse technology

Our patented throttle air backflow technology opens up new possibilities for the design of ventilation systems (PIVENT) and industrial heat recovery systems (RevoHEX). Air reversals are cyclical changes in the direction of air flowing through the device. This mechanism allows the use of excellent regenerative properties of heat exchangers. Thrusters developed by the company have a high competitive potential compared to current solutions. Reverse is fast without need to stop the fan or change the direction of rotation of the impeller. The use of reversing throttle eliminates the need for troublesome accumulation storage in common solutions.

Innovative technology for waste heat recovery with conversion to electricity

Recovering heat from cool but still carrying a lot of exhaust fumes is troublesome because of the corrosion hazard caused by the condensation of aggressive chemicals. RevoHEAT technology is a combination of phase transformation and centrifugal force interaction that is subject to the thermodynamic medium circulating in a unique design. This allows efficient transfer of heat from the hot gas to the cooling air stream while producing electricity.